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Affiliated Members

If you wish to become an affiliated member of the Centre for Postcolonial Studies, please contact CPS@london.ac.uk.

Anabela Duarte
University of Lisbon, Centre for English Studies
Research Interests: Intermediality, Interart Studies and Musicoliterary Studies

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Dominic Alessio
Professor of history/Dean of International Programmes
Richmond University, the American International University in London
Research interests: theories of Empire formation; the South Pacific; the ‘white’ settlement colonies; science fiction; North America; tourism
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Sarah Arens
PhD candidate
University of Edinburgh
Research interests: Francophone African and Middle Eastern literature, Sephardic diaspora, Belgian colonialism, memory studies, postcolonial ecocriticism
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Wendy Asquith
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Liverpool
Research interests: cultural history, Haiti, visual culture, postcolonial studies, histories of humanitarianism, exhibition history, world’s fairs, imperialism and display
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Anna Ball
Senior Lecturer in English; Co-Director of the Postcolonial Studies Centre
Nottingham Trent University
Research interests: Palestine, Afghanistan, the ‘Middle East’ as a site of emergent (post)coloniality; postcolonial feminism; literature, film and video art; gender and refugeeism; postcolonial activism; community engagement
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Sarah DeMott
Research Fellow
New York University
Research interests:  Mediterranean, Archipelagos, Gender and Sexuality, North Africa, Sicily, Postcolonial, Translocal, De-Continentalization, Mobility, World History
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Ziad Elmarsafy
Head of Comparative Literature
King’s College London
Research interests: modern Arabic literature; Middle East/North Africa; literature and religion; literary theory
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Charles Forsdick
James Barrow Professor of French
University of Liverpool
Research interests: Francophone postcolonial studies; Haiti; travel writing; translation; colonial memory
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Marianna Griffini
PhD Student
King’s College London
Research interests: Italian colonialism; postcolonial studies; immigration; race; Extreme Right
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Kathleen Gyssels
Professor of Francophone Literature
Antwerp University
Research interests: Caribbean literature, Black and Jewish diasporas, postcolonial theatre and theories
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Louise Hardwick
Senior Lecturer in French / AHRC Early Career Leadership Fellow 2014-2016
University of Birmingham
Research interests: Francophone postcolonial studies, Caribbean studies, translation, slavery, biopolitics, ecocriticism
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Coro J-A Juanena
Director, Kolonialismo Osteko Ikasketa Zentroa KOIZ (Center for Postcolonial Studies KOIZ)
Research interests: African women, postcolonial theory, indigenous people, extractive industries, social movements, qualitative methods in social research, international development aid, construction of knowledge and power
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Madhu Krishnan
Lecturer in 20th/21st Century Postcolonial Writing
University of Bristol
Research interests: African literature, cultural materialism, space, publishing, prize culture
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Ole Birk Laursen
Independent Researcher
Research interests: anti-colonial movements; anarchism; black and Asian British literature; South Asian history; riots and resistance
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Alan Lester
Professor of Historical Geography, Director of Interdisciplinary Research
University of Sussex
Research interests: British Empire, colonialism, humanitarianism, indigenous peoples, settler colonies
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Yosefa Loshitzky
Professorial Research Associate
Centre for Media Studies, SOAS
Research interests: Jews and Muslims; diaspora and migration in European cinema; transnational cinema and globalisation; postcolonial approaches to Israeli and Palestinian cinema; post-Holocaust cinema; race, racism, and racialisation in film and popular culture
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Bill Marshall
Professor of Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
University of Stirling
Research interests: French Atlantic; Francophone cinema; Quebec; parkour
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Ana Cristina Mendes
Research Fellow
University of Lisbon Centre for English Studies
Research interests: Indian writing in English, postcolonial cinema, postcolonial adaptation, interart studies, British Empire
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Lucie Kim-Chi Mercier
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy (CRMEP), Kingston University
Research Interests: Philosophy, Postcolonial and Critical Race theory, translation theory and the geopolitics of philosophy, French Structuralism, Early Frankfurt School.
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David Murphy
Professor of French and Postcolonial Studies
University of Stirling
Research interests: Modern West African culture; postcolonial legacies in France; anti-colonial activism
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Sandra Ponzanesi
Professor of Gender and Postcolonial Studies
Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Research interests: postcolonialism, gender, digital media, postcolonial cinema, European studies, comparative literature
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Christopher Prior
Lecturer in Twentieth Century History
University of Southampton
Research interests: Africa, imperialism, race, government and administration
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Jenni Ramone
Senior Lecturer in Postcolonial Studies
Nottingham Trent University
Research interests: Local literary marketplaces; translation theory; Cuba; Nigeria; South Asia; Black British writing; writing and resistance; consciousness; bookshops; book markets; spatial theory
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Ricardo Pagliuso Regatieri
Visiting Research Scholar
Korea University
Research interests: critical theory, comparative sociology, modernity, civilization, Latin America, Brazil, Korea
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Rehnuma Sazzad
Research Associate
Centre for Cultural, Literary and Postcolonial Studies (CCLPS), SOAS
Research interests: Critical Theory (especially Postcolonialism), Contemporary Arab and South Asian Literatures, Concepts of Exile and Diaspora, Humanistic Nationalism, Cosmopolitanism, Cultural Histories, World Cinema
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Roberto Simbaña
Director, RELIGACIÓN (Group of research in social sciences from Latin America)
Quito, Ecuador
Research interests: Latin American studies, decolonial and subaltern discourse, radical democracy, religion and decolonial imaginary, Latin American populism, hermeneutics of liberation
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Barbara Spadaro
Research Associate on the Transnationalizing Modern Languages project
University of Bristol
Research interests: Italians from North Africa; Empires; Mobility and Transnational Memories
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Mark Thurner
Reader in Latin American Studies
Institute of Latin American Studies, SAS, University of London
Research interests: historiography, museum studies, postcolonial studies, Latin American history, anthropology, theory of history
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Ana Živković
PhD Researcher and Lecturer in Postcolonial Literatures
University of Brighton
Research interests:  postcolonial writing and theory, south-east European studies
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