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Where is Postcolonial Studies going next?


Report on the Centre for Postcolonial Studies Inaugural Workshop

The Centre for Postcolonial Studies (CPS) inaugural workshop took place in Senate House, London, on Monday 18 January 2016. There was an excellent turnout with over 50 delegates in attendance.

Professor Catherine Davies, Director of the IMLR, opened the proceedings with a brief introduction to the CPS, including its mission to promote and advance research on the postcolonial world and to facilitate dialogue between policy-makers and academic researchers. Stepping in for the CPS Director, Professor Andrew Hussey (who was regrettably absent), she presented Professor Hussey’s goals for the Centre and read from his recent blogpost.

Dr Catherine Gilbert, CPS Research Officer, then highlighted some forthcoming activities and drew attention to the online platforms (website, blog and Twitter) that the CPS is currently developing.

The workshop comprised two large panels (of 8 speakers each) followed by a roundtable discussion. The first panel focused on UK research institutes, with representatives from Goldsmiths, Southampton, KCL, Bristol, Nottingham Trent, SOAS, Stirling and Roehampton giving details of the activities currently taking place in their respective centres.

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