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Life During Wartime



By Professor Andrew Hussey, Director of the Centre for Postcolonial Studies

I truly wish that this first blog for the Centre for Post-Colonial Studies (CPS) could have a more cheerful subject matter. Under the shadow of the terrible violence that came to Paris on 13th November, however, this would be both impossible and wrong.

Paris is of course not unique in enduring grief and terror; 2015 has seen mass murder committed across the world in the name of the chiliastic politics of Islamic State. We as the CPS are, however, mainly based here in Paris. More to the point, we are also tasked with the mission of conducting research into France, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. So we are forced to look at these events head-on. And when we do so, how do we make sense of them? How do we even begin to understand such cruelty and its consequences?

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